Past Studies and Articles

List of past studies and articles of Bolder Technology written by Richard Hackathorn…

Taming Internet of Things: Exploiting IoT Analytics with Temporal SQL

SlideDoc tutorial into patented research by Ian Willson of Boeing for analyzing aircraft flight data. Innovative example of using temporal SQL (self-join on PERIOD values) for identifying overlapping events precisely and efficiently. June 2017 PDF

What Should IT Managers Know about Quantum Computing

Article explaining the contra-intuitive aspects of QC and suggesting practical steps for thinking and planning for QC. The focus is next-gen business analytics as embedded in operational business processes, such as marketing and manufacturing systems. April 2017 LINK

Analytics-in-Action with Teradata Business Analytics

Independent study of three companies in different industries who used Teradata business analytics services to make significant improvements in key business processes. Co-authored with William McKnight of McKnight Consulting Group. April 2017 PDF

Business Value from the Analytics of Things

Independent study of eight companies where business value emerges from the analytics, rather than the collection and presentation of sensor data. Contributions by Dan Graham of Teradata. Executive perspective Forbes article in August 2016. May 2016 PDF

Immersive Analytics: Building Virtual Data Worlds for Collaborative Decision Support

Research paper presented at the first IEEE Workshop on Immersive Analytics. Theme is to establish an open developer community at co-authored with Todd Margolis of Qlik. March 2016 LINK PDF

Analytics-in-Action with Teradata In-Memory Optimizations

Independent study of the In-Memory Optimization benchmarks by Dell Corp. Results showed that significant performance kick could be achieved by flipping a switch! Presented at Teradata Partners 2016. March 2016 PDF

Analytics-in-Action with Teradata Cloud

Independent study of nine companies who are early adopters of Teradata Cloud. Executive article in Teradata Magazine, along with a C-Suite Primer Forbes article. Presented at Teradata Partners 2016. June 2015 PDF

Analytics-in-Action with Teradata QueryGrid

Independent study of nine companies who were early adopters of Teradata QueryGrid. January 2015 PDF