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Promoting Future Technology

I have noticed a common problem among BI/DW vendors in this recent period of rapid technology change driven by big data analytics. Over my professional career, the cycle time from vision to production for new technology has declined from decades

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Do Tweets Accurately Reflect a Presentation?

Oliver Ratzesberger of Teradata presented his vision for the Sentient Enterprise at an analyst briefing on June 5. The audience was alive with twittering. But, does this twitter stream accurately reflect the talk content.

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Death of Democracy According to Barry Devlin

Barry Devlin shared a fresh approach to the logical information architecture that incorporates all types of data, especially Big Data. He also shared his concerns about ethical issues of privacy and anonymity, leading to the death of democracy.

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Deep Questions about Analytics

What are the deep questions about analytics, since big data has lost its meaning?

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