Deep Questions about Analytics

Deep Questions about Analytics

QuestionMarkOnKeyboardWhat are the deep questions about analytics, since big data has lost its meaning? This blog suggested a few…

I was recently asked to comment on panelist questions for a Business Analytics conference. Most of the initial suggestions revolved around big data …how boring now-a-days! Big Data as a topic/focus/theme is way over hyped and losing its substance. I was certain that each of those persons have been giving talks on Big Data for years (and are probably sick of it). How do we challenge the panelists with deeper questions about analytics? Here are some suggestions.

  • What is required to remain competitive in ​the analytics-driven global economy of tomorrow?
  • How do I personally remain competitive in that economy?
  • What can/should universities do to educate future leaders for this analytics-driven economy?
  • How will/can/should we balance privacy of information with sharing of information? Reactions to​…​ “The Circle”? Google acquiring Skybox?
  • Analytics in practice seems to be stuck in fancy descriptive analysis. How do we make the transition into predictive analysis?

What is missing or misleading?

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